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Introduction: The History behind Honey B Fashion

Updated: May 11, 2020

Hi Everyone, my name is Sonia aka 'Honey B' and I am the woman behind the Honey B Fashion Brand.

I like to tell everyone, that my passion for sewing and design started from when I was a kid (between age 5 and 7). My mom bought me a toy sewing machine, which I used to cut and sew dresses for my dolls. It was nothing special back then, the way I used to cut is so much different from now obviously, but it's funny how I remember it so vividly.

I used to hand sew, knit and crotchet all the while growing up. I would crochet hair ruffles/bands and sell them in secondary school. This passion followed me to university as well, where I would design outfits for my friends to make for different events. I have never been good at sketching but I did my best to verbally explain my designs to the tailors to make them.

I would pull inspiration for my designs from everyday clothes and just add my own little spin on it. It was not until after university, when I started working in Abuja, Nigeria that I decided to actually learn how to sew. My friend and I decided to start our own fashion brand/label. She knew how to sketch, so we would put our heads together and come up with lovely designs. In 2010, we even got as far as registering our business name 'Honey B Fashion'. The 'B' is a play on Bee, as in a Honey Bee, but it actually stands for 'Bonita' which means 'Pretty' in Spanish. It's also my nickname "Chicabonita".

I went to my local tailor then to learn the basics; how to use a sewing machine, how to take measurements and join pieces of fabric, however I didn't quite learn how to cut then, but that didn't stop me from sewing some manageable outfits for myself. The zeal of having a fashion brand died down, because I got overcome with other life activities and so I abandoned sewing altogether.

These are the first two outfits I made, as you can see the pink one was less than perfect.

In 2013, I moved to Serbia, and that is when my dream came alive again. I started watching youtube videos to learn how to first make pieces for myself, bought my first sewing machine from Walmart in Prague and carried it with me to my other destinations during that trip. My outfits were much more presentable this time and I would make outfits for all the trips I went on. With all that practice, my sewing got a lot better and I also learnt how to make my own patterns and sew for others.

2014, I started sewing commercially. I would make bespoke/custom designs for people, mostly with stretch fabric and I loved it. When I moved back to Nigeria in 2015, I was determined to start sewing as a legitimate side business and that I did. I was still working a 9 to 5 just as I am now, but sewing was an escape for me. It made me feel so fulfilled and accomplished. It does wonders for my mental health creating an outfit from design to cutting and to fulfilment. It's the best feeling ever. This is why I say the joy for me is really in the sewing and not the designing, and why I have kept my business on a small scale ever since. I don't want to loose my passion of sewing by becoming so big that I won't be the one sewing anymore. (I have figured a way to do both now).

My friend moved on to starting her own fashion brand, and so I decided to amend the business registration to have only my name on it. She gracefully signed off on it, and now Honey B Fashion is my baby.

As soon as I moved to Canada in 2018, I registered Honey B Fashion here too, because I was determined to grow my brand/business here. I advertised on Kijiji, Facebook, WhatsApp groups and Instagram and would get customers for bespoke outfits or just amendments.

Fast Forward to 2020, here we are with our own Online Store, and I am so glad to be sharing this story with all of you our beautiful and wonderful customers or potential customers. Thank you for all your patronage, we wouldn't be here without you. Thank you to everyone who has been part of this wonderful journey.

Please stay tuned and share with your friends!


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